Conditions of Entry:

Entries will only be accepted if they adhere
to the following selection criteria:


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    1. The competition is open to all residents and visitors to South Australia.

    2. Entrants must adhere to the Whale Watching Regulations, as set by the State Government, at all times. If the photographer breaches the regulations to obtain images, their entry will not be accepted.

    3. Photographers authorise their ownership of all copyright in the photograph and have obtained necessary approval to permit the use of the artwork in connection with the competition.

    4. Photographers agree to represent themselves and the competition through publicity relating to the competition, if required.

    5. Images are not to be manipulated or doctored in any form to create a false image. Cropping, cleaning, levels and curve adjustments are acceptable if minimal. Collages, text overlapping or significant enhancements will not be accepted.

    6. Photographs must be taken in 2017 and proof may be required to verify this.

    7. Photographs must be taken within the boundaries of the sate of South Australia.

    8. Entrants under 18 years of age must have signed consent from a parent/guardian (see entry form).

    9. A maximum of 3 entries per person will be accepted.

    10. By submitting an entry to this competition, the entrant is accepting these conditions of Entry.

    11. The Judges’ decision will be final and no discussions will be entered into regarding entries.

    12. Winners’ images and names will be published on the SA Whale Centre and ‘Prints of Whales’ websites and released to the media.

    13. The SA Whale Centre will publish a random selection of competition entries on their websites, social media channels and publications; however they do not guarantee that all entries will be displayed.

    14. Printed copies of the finalists’ photographs will be displayed as part of an exhibition at the SA Whale Centre during the October school holidays 30th September- 15th October 2017.

    15. When submitting an entry to the competition, the entrant grants permission for the SA Whale Centre, and Tourism Victor Harbor to copy, edit, publish and replicate the images and/or supporting information, or any part of the entry thereof.

    16. Images may be published on promotional material, in displays, websites and other print and electronic media and publications relating to the competition organisers, whale watching in South Australia and whales.

    17. Winning images will be published by the competition organiser in a saleable calendar for the following year.

    18. Copyright and intellectual property of the images remains the property of the photographer and photographers will be credited for the use of their image, where possible.

    19. When submitting an entry to the competition, the entrant is also granting permission for the SA Whale Centre to provide copies of all images to the SA Museum and Whale Researchers for the benefit of identification and research, and images may be stored in a database for future reference.

    20. All images are subject to approval before they are displayed by the SA Whale Centre.

    21. The SA Whale Centre reserves the right to remove any images where unfair or illegitimate practices are suspected.

    22. Entrant’s personal details will only be used for the purposes of this competition and related promotion. Personal details are to remain confidential and will not be distributed to any individual or organisation without the approval of the entrant.

    23. Talent Release Forms must be completed and submitted with your Entry Form for each identifiable person in the image (if applicable). Without this form your application will become ineligible.

    24. Refer to information on Privacy in Photographic Image.

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